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Faraz Negar Inkjet Printer

Faraz Negar company has been proud to offer manufacturing and global supplier of a comprehensive range of industrial coding and marking equipment and inks along with repair services to a wide range of  industries and factories.

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Industrial Inkjet Printers

Industrial inkjet printers and other coding and marking solutions for barcoding,  product identification, serial number, expire and product date and etc.

Ink & Solvent

Faraz Negar is a major importer and supplier of all kinds of inks and solvents for industrial printers with different brands. For more information, visit the ink and solvent page or call our experts.


We have a long history of repairing and servicing various types of Inkjet printers in their service to our customers. It should be noted that our products have a 10-year service guarantee.


IKonMac Ltd is a leading Independent British Manufacturing and Global supplier of a comprehensive range of industrial coding and marking equipment and inks.

Faraz Negar is Official and exclusive agent for sales and repairs services of iKonMac Inkjet printers in Iran, with 12-month warranty and 10-years after-sales services. In addition to providing a complete training package for Inkjet printers users.


Features of iKonMac inkjet printers:

  • Competitively Price
  • Simple to Use
  • Compact and light weight
  • Reliable
  • Economic Performance.

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Health and Beauty Care

Pharmaceutical Industry

Food and Drink

Filtration Industry

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Industrial inkjet printers use our service.