iKonMac E19
ikonmac e19

iKonMac E19

iKonMac E19 industrial inkjet printer has a resolution of 180DPI and it has no print-length limit and can print in any length.


Light enough to carry between lines and flexible to use on each production line.

Big touch screen, big keyboard easy to create the messages. No computer needed.
Choice of font sizes 1,2 ,3 4,5,6,7,8,10,12,15 & 18mm ABC ,Cyrillic, Arabic, Farsi.


User Friendly


180 DPI


ABC ,Cyrillic, Arabic, Farsi.


12 month full guarantee and full support

E19 iKonMac

KonMac E19 industrial inkjet printer with either Xaar 18mm, 34mm, 2x18m, 70mm print head.

Proven 180DPI Xaar High resolution print head, 18mm print band up to 16 lines of print with the same print line speed
Printing speed up to 80 meters a minute, 3 prints a second. This printet is as same as U19 to print with UV ink.


  • Instant dry on non - porous surfaces
  • Fast set-up
  • Easily Can be carried between production lines
  • Always ready to print
  • 180DPI Xaar High resolution print head
  • Printing speed up to 8 0 met ers a minute
  • 3 prints a second
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