FNIJET specializes in the distrbuting of industrial inkjet printers and high quality inks for the various industry. Our products and services provide reliable cost-effective solutions to your industrial applications. Our full range of printers deliver the clear and quality coding your production line requires every time.



The following is a list of inkjet printers in  various industries,  You can familiarize yourself with the use of industrial inkjet printers. You can also contact our sales experts directly for more info.

iKonMac Industrial InkJet Printers works in the toughest manufacturing environments, and on the most challenging substrates. From tins and cans to cable and wires, we have printing solutions that will work on all your industrial products.

Food and Drink Industry

The variety of food packaging environments and applications requires a diverse range of coding and marking solutions.

Pipe Industry

Farz Negar Ink Jet Printers Co.  providing industrial Ink Jet printers to the largest manufacturing complexes and factories in the pipe industries. Our Inkjet Printers can print on the pipe fit, polyethylene pipe, tubing of polypropylene, PVC pipe and etc.


Health and Beauty Care

Industrial inkjet printing can be used on  cosmetic package, such as: lotions, perfume bottles, compacts, lipstick tubes, etc.

Pharmaceutical Industry​

Printing on various types of pharmaceutical package, sterilized gas, various packaging and etc.

Filtration Industry​

You can use our industrial inkjet printers to print seamlessly on bottles, jars, cans, pouches, bags, boxes, lids, etc. For photos and videos click on more.