The industrial inkjet printer’s service provided by Faraz Negar includes spare part of industrial inkjet printers, consumables such as ink, solvent and cartridges, as well as repair and service Industrial printers.

It should be noted that the devices provided by Faraz Negar provide 10 years of technical support services. The service department of this company is also ready to support industrial inkjet printers of various brands.

Spare parts

Due to our substantial stock of spare parts we can offer next day delivery to new and existing customers. We can supply parts for iKonMac and Suaven Codajet and other brands.

Inks & Consumables

We provides inks and solvents for all industrial inkjet printers. We provides fast-drying , Summer, Security (UV Readable) Inks, and other kinds of inks for different kinds of industrial printers and materials such as Plastics, Celluloid, Epoxy ,Paper, Wood and Nylon.


If you’re seeking exceptional quality repair, the experts at Faraz Negar can help.

We can replace, repair, refurbish, parts and components of iKonMac InkJet Printers, in addition we offer quality parts and skilled service work of other brands including , Sauven Codajet, Domino, Imaje, Sauven Codajet and others .

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